Life in the storm -Kuakata

Life in the storm -Kuakata

The struggle of the will and body against the sea, fuelled by the determination not to go hungry the next day. Step by each agonizing step, steadying the nets and ploughing through the waves as the sea recedes. This is the everyday life of the five thousand families on the coast in Kuakata who makes their living by catching wild post-larvae for the local prawn industry. The meager income they earn is below the US$ 2.5. But this is not their only concern. Hammered constantly by storms and devastated by two massive cyclones Sidr and Aila the coast has lost much of its natural resources.

These pictures are my attempt to portray the relationship of these individuals with the net and how it is integral and divine for the continuity of their lives they lead in the storm –both real and perceptual.

For more info: Kuakata, Cyclone Sidr, Cyclone Aila

©Shahnewaz Karim, 2012

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